I've got my Cheque !

I've just received a cheque from EmailCashPro (ECP)
As you can see, its named under EASTTECH PTE LTD.

I think EVERYONE should give this a try,
because its Free!

All you have to to is to

* Read Emails (Don't worry, they wouldn't spam your mailbox) &
* Get People to Sign Up under your Link (which will be provided once you signed up)

Here's an Overview on what you'll be expecting.

1. After you have signed up for your FREE EmailCashPro, you would be required to choose the type of emails you want to receive based on your own interest. E.g. Automobiles, Finance & Investments, Shopping and Parenting etc.

2. At the same time, you would be given a referral URL something like this for example, http://www.emailcashpro.com/?r=owyeong so that your friends/relatives can join under you with this link.

3. After which, you'll start receiving emails of your interest which you've selected. In the email, there would be a Paid Link to click into the Advertisement. All you have to do is just to Click on that link and Read the Ad for at least 30 seconds, until the message at the top says "You account has been credited", then you may close your window.

Here's an example after you clicked the Paid Link.
(Click to Enlarge for a clearer view)

After 30 seconds, the message at the top would change to "Your account has been credited".
(Click to Enlarge for a clearer view)

Additional Information
  • The more friends you refer to join under your link, the more and faster you earn. So try to refer as many friends as possible.
  • In your member's page after you've logged in, there is a "Referral Strategies" for you to kickstart your own online business. Feel free to explore it on your own. :)
  • Once you've referred 20 friends, you would automatically be converted to a Gold member (that's very easy actually), and S$5.00 would be credited to your account.
  • When somebody joins under your link, you would receive an email from ECP that is something like this below.
  • If you find that your referral link is too long or you do not want to display your name at the back of your referral link, you may visit "TINYURL" shorten it and at the same time have your name at the back of the referral link removed.

Here, I've provided ALL the information that you need to know, so what are you waiting for ?

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Wishing you all the Best!

May you have any query or doubt, please email emailcashpro7@gmail.com

Featured on The Sunday Times !

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